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Types of Charts

The Horoscope, also known as Rasi chart or Natal chart, shows the planetary positions of various planets at the time of birth of a person.

We know the horoscope contains 12 houses and each house is represented by a Zodiac sign. The Zodiac sign can be further divided, called "Divisions" for a finer forecast. It is like Zooming inside the sign or microscopic view of the sign.

If a sign is divided by 9 parts (9 quarters or pada of a star) and a chart is prepared showing on which quarter of the star a planet is placed, it is known as D-9 chart or Navamsa chart. Similarly, if a sign is divided by 10 parts (30 degrees of a sign is divided by 10 parts, each 3 degree) and a chart is prepared showing on which 3 degree a planet is placed, it is known as D-10 or Dashamsa chart.

There are 16 types of divisional charts available known as "Shodashavarga". Shodasha (षोडश) in Sanskrit means Sixteen and Varga means divisions. Each divisional chart signifies certain aspect of life. For instance, Divisional chart 2 or simply D-2 is used for Wealth, Family and Speech. D-9 for Husband/Wife and Marriage, D-10 for career and profession and so on.

Given below is the Shodashavarga and the significance of each division : -

  1. Natal Chart (D-1) - Also known as Rasi chart gives the Blue print of overall life of a person. This is the basis of all chart. Hence, all other charts must be read along with this chart
  2. Hora Chart (D-2) - This gives inside view of Wealth, Speech, and Family
  3. Drekkana (D-3) - This is for Siblings
  4. Chaturamsa (D-4) - For Mother, Immovable assets and Properties
  5. Saptamsa (D-7) - For inside view of Progeny, Child birth, Sexual life
  6. Navamsa (D-9) - For Husband / Wife and Married life
  7. Dashamsa (D-10) - For the Career and Profession
  8. Dwadasmsa (D-12) - For Parents and Lineage
  9. Shodasmsa (D-16) - For Happiness through Moveable assets
  10. Vimshamsa (D-20) - For Spiritual life
  11. Chaturvimshamsa (D-24) - For Education
  12. Saptavimshamsa (D-27) - For Strength
  13. Trimshamsa (D-30) - For Misfortunes
  14. Khavedamsa (D-40) - For Auspicious effects in life
  15. Akshvedamsa (D-45) - For General wellbeing
  16. Shastiamsa (D-60) - For Overall perspective of life

Of all the divisional charts, the most used charts are D-1 and D-9. The other charts are also used but occasionally.

For a better forecast, the strength of the planet in Navamsa must also be checked. A planet which is exalted in Rasi chart but debilitated in Navamsa or placed in inimical house may pronounce only a moderate result. At the same time, a planet Debiliated in Rasi chart but exalted in Navamsa or placed in friendly house may pronounce a better result.