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Dosha or Blemish

Dosha : In Sanskrit, "Dosha" (दोष) means "Blemish", a defect that mars the quality of something. In astrology, Blemish is the planetary positions that spoils the a person's quality of life.

Dosha is formed when a Planet associates with another Planet by placement, aspect or conjunction. Dosha will not pronounce auspicious result.

Some of the prominent Dosha are discussed here.
  1. Kendrathipathya Dosha
  2. Grahana Dosha
  3. Kala Sarpa Dosha

1. Kendrathipathya Dosha

We have already mentioned that Benefic should not become Quadrant Lord because it will lose its strength.

Chapter 34

केन्द्राधिपतयः सौम्या ना दिशन्ति शुभं फलम् ।
क्रूरा नैवाशुभं कुर्युः शुभदाश्च त्रिकोणपाः ॥ २॥

The Great Sage Parashara Rishi says that Benefics ruling Quadrant will not give Auspicious result and Malefics ruling Quadrant will not remain inauspicious. The Lord of the Trine will give Auspicious result.

So, if a Quadrant Lord or Kendrathipathi happens to be Benefic then the Quadrant Lord will not be capable of producing auspicious results and a Malefic will not be capable of producing inauspicious results. This is known as Kendrathipathya Dosha or Quadrant Lordship Blemish.

केन्द्राधिपत्यदोषोयः शुभानां कथितो हि सः ।
चन्द्रज्ञगुरुशुक्राणां प्रबलाश्चोत्तरोत्तरम् ॥ १०॥

In pronouncing maleficence due to Quadrant Lordship Blemish, the effect will be in the ascending order of Waxing Moon, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus. Hence, Venus in Quadrant would pronounce most malefic result.

There is an exemption for Jupiter, though. If Jupiter is 4th house Lord and posited in 4th house, it will produce auspicious result and the person will be extremely happy in life.

This exemption can be applied to Virgo and Sagittarius Ascendant only. For Virgo ascendant, when Jupiter is placed in Sagittarius or for Sagittarius ascendant, when Jupiter is placed in Pisces, the person will live happily. This is due to the fact that both Virgo and Sagittarius Signs are Moolatrikona house for Mercury and Jupiter respectively and it takes precedence over the other house.

This Dosha gets cancelled when a Trine lord conjuncts or aspects the quadrant lord.

For instance, consider Virgo Ascendant. Jupiter is the Quadrant Lord (4th & 7th House) and Saturn is the Trine Lord (5th House). Placement of Jupiter in Pisces will activate Kendrathipathya Dosha. However, if Saturn is placed in conjunct with Jupiter in Pisces or if Saturn is placed in Capricorn / Gemini / Virgo and aspects Pisces, then the Dosha will get cancelled.

A Malefic, when becomes a Quadrant lord, will not remain inauspicious and hence will not be capable of producing inauspicious result. For example, for Capricorn ascendant, the result produced by Mars, posited in Aries, will be neither auspicious nor inauspicious. It will be just neutral.

Note : Sage never mentioned that a Malefic ruling Quadrant will become Benefic. He carefully says it will not remain inauspicious. This means, it will still be Malefic but the result produced will not be inauspicious. So, the result will be neutral.

2. Grahana Dosha

In Sanskrit, "Grahana" (ग्रहण) means Eclipse or Seize or Grasp. This Dosha is formed when Sun or Moon conjuncts with Rahu or Ketu. Sun conjuncts Rahu/Ketu yearly once. Moon conjuncts Rahu/Ketu monthly once. We know,

Sun represents Father, Government, Authority and Control.
Moon represents Mother, Mind and Emotion.
Rahu represents Obstacles, Aggression, Passion and Materialistic life.
Ketu represents Detachment, Salvation (Moksha) and Spirituality.

A person who has Rahu and Sun in conjunction in the horoscope, will be aggressive in establishing authority beyond control or will apply authority excessively to control others. This can also make a person a skillful politician as Rahu leads to wrong path. In some cases, the person father may die in an accident.

When Rahu and Moon are in conjunction, the person overly emotional and will be out of mind at times.

When Ketu and Sun are in conjunction, the person will stay detached from his duties and responsibilities.

When Ketu and Moon are in conjunction, the person will be religious and seek spiritual path.

The effect of the benefit will depend on the degree of proximity of the Sun / Moon to Rahu / Ketu. The closer it is, the greater the effect will be.

3. Kala Sarpa Dosha

We know, Rahu and Ketu are shadow planets and Rahu represents Sarpa or Dragon's head and Ketu represents Dragon's Tail. While all the planets orbit the Sun in clockwise direction, Rahu & Ketu orbit in anti-clockwise direction.

When all the planets are confined within Rahu and Ketu in a horoscope, then such a conditions is called Kala Sarpa Dosha. This means that half the signs in the horoscope will be empty. Even if one planet, including the Ascendant is outside of Rahu / Ketu, then it should not be considered as Kala Sarpa Dosha.

The Kala Sarpa Dosha in a horoscope may fall into one of the categories. It may be either all the planets moving towards Rahu or all the planets moving towards Ketu.

The effect of this Dosha, in both the cases, depends on the house in which Rahu is placed from the Ascendant, as well as other planetary conditions.

If Rahu is placed in

1st house with Ascendant itself, the person will suffer personally
2nd house, the person will suffer from loss of wealth, accidents and health issues
3rd house, the person will have lack of confidence and problem with younger siblings
4th house, there will be discomfort and unhappiness in the person's life
5th house, the relationship with the children will be strained
6th house, the person can have a successful career in politics
7th house, there will be problem in marital life
8th house, means blind luck, the person may get money from lottery, insurance etc.,
9th house, the person will lose inherited property
10th house, there will be problem with profession
11th house, the person will travel to foreign country
12th house, the person will work in a foreign country

The effect will be void if Rahu gets the aspect of Jupiter (not conjunct). The malefic effects of Kala Sarpa Dosha will slow down over a period of time and will be almost nill by the age of 40.

The chart below shows all the planets moving towards Ketu.

Naga / Sarpa Blemish

The chart below shows all the planets moving towards Rahu.

Naga / Sarpa Blemish