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Horoscope is a blue print or snapshot of planetary positions at the time of birth of a person. Using the horoscope, a person's character and future of can be forecast.

We know that all the planets revolve around the sun. However, in a horoscope the angular positions of all planets, including the Sun, are measured in terms of "degrees" relative to Earth. As all the Planets revolve around the Sun in 360 degrees, a planet can be at any degree between 0 to 360 relative to Earth.

The 360 degrees are divided into twelve equal parts. Each part or each 30 degrees is known as House or Bhava. There are 12 Zodiacal Signs, 9 Planets and 27 Stars. Each house is represented by a Zodiacal Sign such as Aries, Taurus and so on. Each Planet rules a Zodiac or two and some Stars. Thus, Houses, Signs, Planets and Stars are well connected.

A horoscope is a chart showing the placement of 9 planets in different houses / zodiacs, based on their angular position at the time of birth of a person.

There are three types of conventions followed in preparing the chart viz., South Indian, North Indian and Western type. In all the types, the first 30 degrees represent Aries, the next 30 degrees Taurus, the next 30 Gemini and so on up to Pisces which represents the last 30 degrees (331 to 360).

Birth Chart
Western Chart

The Planetary positions on any given date, time and year can be obtained from Ephemeris or from any E-Panchang. Based on their positions, all planets will be placed in the chart in respective sign.

For example, if Sun was at 141.51 degree, then it will be placed in Leo as Leo represents 120 to 150 degrees. If Jupiter is at 200.01 degree, then it will be placed Libra as Libra represents 181 to 210 degrees. Likewise, all planets will be placed in respective sign.

In addition to Planets, a chart will also show "Ascendant". The position of Ascendant will be determined based on the Date, Time and Place of Birth and Sun Rise Time of that Place.

A chart containing the positions of all the planets, including Ascendant, is nothing but a Horoscope. By analyzing the Planetary positions and its strength, the characters and the future of a person can be forecast.

Sample Chart

NB : The position of Ascendant is more important. All predictions are based on the Ascendant only. It is discussed in detail in the later chapter. You may click here "Ascendant" for a jump start.