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Welcome to Vedic Astrology

Astrology is considered to be the "eye" of the Vedas because it helps in predicting a person's future. A Horoscope is nothing but a blue print of a person's life. So, by reading a horoscope with the help of astrology, we can predict a person's future.

In this site you can learn Astrology from basics. It starts from Basics, then moves on to Advanced, then Nuances, then Yogas / Doshas related Marriage, Horoscope Compatibility and finally applying the knowledge gained through learning

It is recommended to start from the fundamentals of Astrology from Zodiac Signs, Stars, Planets, and then move on to Chart Types, Houses and their significances, Planetary periods, then learn about Ascendant and how to calculate or verify it.

Once the readers are done with the Basics, then they can move on to Advanced section which includes Yoga or Luck, Dosha or Blemish, Dual House Ownership and Stars and Dosha. These are the factors which influence the life of a person. And hence, should be read and understood throughly.

The readers can then move on to read and understand Nuances about Malefic Planets, Transit Saturn and Badhakathipathi. These are all intricate details that can cause of the forecast to go wrong, if missed while judging a horoscope.

From astrological view, Marriage is a vast area. Hence, it covered seperately under Marriage. The readers can jump on to Marriage once they are done with the Basics. With the Basic knowledge, the reader can understand Marriage Yoga, Marriage Dosha and Horoscope Compatibility. The readers can use the Tool Horoscope Matching which readily tells whether a Girl's and Boy's horoscope is compatible or not.

After completing the Basics, Advanced and Nuances, the readers can now Get Started with applying the learning. To provide a vivid experience to the readers in judging and forecasting the horoscopes, the three major milestones of the life of a person viz., Education and Higher Studies, Job and Business and Marriage are covered under Reading Chart.

Sample birth charts with detailed explanation of planetary positions for most common problems related to marriage such as late marriage, seperation, divorce, Kala Sarpa Dosha etc., are included under Marriage.

Similarly, the planetary positions for Government Job, Private Job, Business, Doctor etc., are also included and analyzed in detail under Job and Business

So, by spending two hours a day, one can master in reading the birth chart in just two weeks of time. But to forecast the result better, it will take 6 months to one year after going through a minimum of 200 horoscopes.

Of the 200, one should try to get a minimum of 50 horoscopes from the near and dear. Reading the chart of known persons will always help to apply the learning and gain good experience in forecasting.

Once you gain fair experience with good accuracy of forecast, the rest 150 will fall in place in no time because every one wants to know their future, especially if it is free !!

So, wish you good luck in learning astrology.