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Education sets the basis for career and life standard. Astrology can help Studens to find out when there is a problem with the Academic performance or help them in making the right choice by analyzing the Horoscope.

In Astrology, the houses that signifies the Education are

  1. 2nd house - For Primary and Secondary Education
  2. 4th house - Depth of knowledge and grasping power
  3. 5th house - Graduation
  4. 9th house - Post Graduation, Higher Studies

In addition to the houses, the Planets also play a major role in deciding the Education

  1. Moon - Ability to read and Retain
  2. Mars - Engineering, Medical Field
  3. Mercury - Mathematics, Auditing, Accounting, Communication, IT
  4. upiter - Finance, Teaching, Higher education in Management Studies
  5. Venus - Fine arts, Music, Creativity, Fashion Designing, Automobile
  6. Saturn - Machinery, Mechanical Engineering
  7. Sun - Electrical Engineering, Medical Field
  8. Rahu / Ketu - Surgeon, Computer and Electronics Engineering

In a horoscope, if any of the houses responsible for Education are afflicted, then the person will not be good at studies. If Moon is afflicted, the person will have poor memory. But, functionally benefic Jupiter aspect can override the ill effect.

When Transit Saturn is transiting through natal chart Moon (Janma Shani) or 8th house (Ashtama Shani), the person will temporarily lose ability to read & retain. But, proper coaching or Tuition can help to improve.

In a horoscope, if Saturn aspects Moon, then such person should select Technical Education instead of any Arts & Science, because they will not be good in Read & Retain (poor memory).

If Rahu Dasha is ruling and Rahu is placed in 2nd house, then the person will experience obstacles or will be playful in studies. If Rahu is placed in 5th house, and Janma or Ashtama Shani is also ruling, then the person will not complete the Graduation in time.

If 6th Dasha is ruling, then the person will suddenly develop "Exam Fear" and the academic performance will decline.

If 5th house is strong in a horoscope, that person will complete Graduation successfully. If Venus or Mercury is placed in 9th house, that person will complete Post graduation in Management studies.

If the birth star of a person Mrigasirsha or Hasta or Uttara Ashada (stars having Dosha of Jupiter), such person Education and field of work will have no relevance.

Commerce Student : Shown below is the horoscope of a Student who will be completing X std in Apr 2020. The birth star is Chitrai. Rahu is placed in 2nd house and Rahu Dasha is ruling from 2006. 2nd house and its Lord is afflicted by Rahu, Ketu, Venus and Saturn. Moon is eclipsed. 4th & 5th House lords Mercury and Moon are afflicted. 5th house is afflicted by Saturn. 10th house Lord is Jupiter (Finance & Advisory job).

This student is average in studies, will not complete any degree but will be interested in Auditing / Accounting, will become Auditor or Tax Advisor. This student has been suggested to follow Accounting or Commerce and then CA. With Saturn placed in the 5th house, the student will complete CA with difficulty and taking time (Significance of Saturn).

Engg. Student : Shown below is the horoscope of a Student who will be completing Engg. Graduation in May 2021. The birth star is Mrigasirsha. Moon is exalted. 2nd house gets the aspect of Jupiter and 2nd house Lord Sun is posited in 5th house. 4th house Lord Venus (debilitated but cancelled) and Mercury have mutually exchanged their houses. 5th house Lord Mars is Exalted in Capricorn and in conjunction with Ketu. 9th house Lord Jupiter is posited with Saturn. Saturn debilitation is cancelled as House Lord Mars is exalted and aspects Saturn too.

This student is a bright student (exalted Moon) and doing Engineering in Electronics and Communication (Mars in conjunction with Ketu and Mercury in 4th house). This student will have a good career growth (Saturn & Jupiter in 10th house) but will be working in a field irrelevant to Education (birth star Mrigasirsha has Jupiter's Dosha).

Higher Studies : Shown below is the horoscope of a Student who completed Engg. Graduation in May 2018. The birth star is Hasta (Jupiter's Dosha). 2nd house Lord Mars is debilitated but posited in 10th house (Directional strength) with Ascendant Lord Venus. 4th house Lord Jupiter is ruling and 5th house Lord Saturn is posited in Pisces (becomes benefic) and aspects Moon. 9th house Lord Mercury is placed in 12th house in conjunction with Rahu. Rahu Dasha / Moon Bhukthi is ruling as of Dec'19.

This person has excellent Academic record (2nd, 4th house is strong. Moon gets the aspect of benefic Saturn) and is BE Mechanical with Distinction (Saturn, Moon association). Native will pursue higher studies in abroad (9th house Lord is with Rahu in 12th house) during Rahu/Moon Dasha Bhukthi and will get placed in abroad during Rahu/Mars (2021 to 2022). Will be working in a field other than Mechanical Engineering.

Medical Field : For a Student to pursue Medical field, Sun, Mars and Jupiter should be well placed. Also, should have the following combinations.

  1. Association of 5th or 10th house and their lords with 6th or 12th house or their lords
  2. Association of Sun or Moon with 6th, 8th or 12th house and afflicted by Malefics
  3. Association of Sun and Saturn with the aspect of Jupiter
  4. Association of Sun and Mars or Sun and Mars in Trine aspected by Jupiter

Medical Student : Shown below is the horoscope of a Student who will be completing X Std in Apr 2020. Here, the horoscope satisfies multiple combinations required for Medical field. For instance, Sun is afflicted, in conjunction with 10th house Lord Venus, gets the aspect of Saturn and Jupiter. Mars is exalted, quadrant to Moon and aspects Leo whose Lord is Sun. Jupiter aspects Mars. This Student will sure pursue Medical field.

CA Student : Shown below is the horoscope of a Student who has completed CA Inter. Outstanding performance in X and XII Std. 2nd house Lord is placed in 4th house with Moon and Jupiter. 4th house Lord Mars and Jupiter are in mutual exchange. 5th house gets the aspect of 9th house Lord Mercury. 10th house Lord Venus is posited in 8th house (Auditor Job deals with confidential matters of companies).

Interestingly, Saturn and Sun both are debilitated but aspect each other mutually which cancels the debilitation of both Saturn and Sun. Similarly, Yogakaraka Venus and Sun are also in mutual exchange. With strong 10th house, this person will shine in career.

Test yourself : Shown below is the horoscope of a person who is Architect and working in Multi National Company. Primary nature of job is architectural designing in Computer.

Now you know how to examine a horoscope, find out how the Studies and Higher Studies would have been, what triggered to follow Architect and why computer related job.

Clue - Assess the strength of houses responsible for Education, Architecture and Computer.

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