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Getting Started

It is suggested to start with your own horoscope because you can validate your forecast immediately as you know about you very well.

Now let us apply the learning in Judging a horoscope and Forecasting.

Judging a horoscope : Initially, it is better to have a checklist of planetary conditions to be assessed so that no critical condition is missed out. Here is a guideline on how to start judging a horoscope

  1. Locate the Ascendant and Ascendant Lord. Check whether the Ascendant or the First house is intact or afflicted. Locate in which sign the Ascendant Lord is posited and calculate its dignity
  2. Next, find out who are the Trine Lords and where they are posited. As the Trine Lords will always be the friend of Ascendant Lord, they will produce best result on the Native. So, assess the dignity of the Trine Lords
  3. Next, locate the natural Benefic and the Malefic planets, assess their dignity and the houses they aspect
  4. Next, find out who are the Quadrant Lords and where they are posited
  5. Next, find out who are all Ashtamathipathi, Badhakathipathi, Marakathipathi and Dusthanathipathi and where they are posited
  6. Next, check the placement of Rahu/Ketu and check whether any planets are in conjunct with them. The natural qualities of the planet will be eclipsed by Rahu/Ketu
  7. Next, check Moon's placement with respect to Sun. As long as Moon is placed in any house from 4th to 10th house, then Moon can be considered as Benefic otherwise, Moon should be treated as another Malefic. The more the Moon is closer to Sun, the more it will be Malefic
  8. Now, check whether any Malefic such as Saturn, Mars are in Quadrant (Kendram) to Moon. If Moon dignity is good, then Saturn and Mars will become Benefic
  9. Just as the conditions of the house and its Lord, so will be the significance of the house and its Lord reflected in the life of native. So, assess each house one by one, whether they are afflicted or their Lords are afflicted
  10. Next, calculate the Lifetime Dasha Bhukthi period and find out the Current Dasha and Bhukthi
  11. Finally, find out in which house the Transit Saturn and Transit Jupiter are trasiting through with respect to Natal chart Moon

Forecasting : Now, having judged the horoscope thoroughly, it is time to forecast the past, present and future. It is always better to start from Ascendant and then go house by house instead of jumping across. It will be a very structured way of forecasting. However, once you become expert, you can establish your own style of forecasting.

So, here are some guidelines about how you can go with the forecast. As you are a beginner, just go with the Primary significances of houses and planets instead of covering them all at a time.
  1. Assess the strength of Ascendant and dignity of Ascendant Lord and brief about the Personality and character of the native. For instance, If the Ascendant is Mars, the native will be energetic and active. If it is Jupiter, the person will be honest and generous. If Ascendant and/or its Lord is afflicted, then brief the result accordingly. The more it is closer to the nature of the Native, the more will be the credibility of the forecast
  2. Second house represents Wealth, Family and Speech. If Malefic like Mars and Saturn are posited in this house, then it will affect the significances. The native will be short tempered (Mars), speak harshly (Mars / Saturn). The Marriage will be delayed (Family), there will be problem with Marital life (Family). The native must work hard for a living, income comes in hard way (Wealth). But, if the Malefic gets the aspect of Benefic or in Quadrant to strong Moon, the result will be better
  3. Likewise, brief the result of every houses by going by two factors viz., 1) the strength of the house based on the Placement or Aspect of Planets and 2) the dignity of the house lord. There may be different conditions such as Two or more planets in the same house, called conjunction, Planet exchanging their houses, One house getting the aspect of Benefic and Malefic at a time, Benefic and Malefic aspecting each other. Initially, you may not be able to calculate the dignity of the planets and strength of the house under complex conditions. But, yet just apply your learning and brief the result
  4. Once you are done with your own horoscope, then try with someone who you know pretty well. This will help you improve your forecast

Now, let us judge and forecast a sample horoscope. Shown below is the horoscope of a professional, aged 38 years 4 months as of Oct'19.

Sample Birth chart

Native is Sagittarius Ascendant. Birth Sign is Libra and Birth Star is Swathi, 3rd Quarter. Moon was at 193.57°. So, the Dasa Balance at the time of Birth was Rahu Dasa for 8 years, 8 Months and 5 Days (8-8-5). The current Mahadasha is Saturn, for 19 years, ruling from 18th Feb'06 to 18th Feb'25.

Ascendant Lord Jupiter is posited in 10th house in conjunct with Saturn. Trine Lords Mars and Sun are posited in conjunct in Taurus and gets the aspect of Jupiter. Badhakathipathi cum Kendrathipathi Mercury in conjunct with Marakathipathi Venus aspect Ascendant. Ashtamathipathi Moon is posited at 6th house to Sun (11th house to Ascendant). Ketu is posited in 2nd house and Rahu in 8th house.

Mars aspect Ascendant. Jupiter aspects 2nd & 6th house. Jupiter and Saturn aspects 4th house. Moon aspects 5th house.

  1. Native is brainy, soft spoken, jovial and very intelligent but, short tempered (Ascendant Lord is Jupiter and Ascendant gets the aspect of Mercury and Venus. Mars aspects Ascendant)
  2. Native was academically strong (4th & 5th house and their lords are strong). He is an Automobile Engineer from reputed institution (Jupiter, which signifies Vehicle and Saturn which signifies Iron are in conjunct and aspects 4th house. 5th house Lord Mars, which marks graduation, is posited in the house of Venus that signifies Vehicle, and gets the aspect of 4th house Lord Jupiter. Moon, the Lord of Education, too aspects 5th house)
  3. Native's marriage was timely but childbirth (Family expansion) was delayed. Ketu in 2nd house
  4. Native will prefer mental work than physical work (Ascendant Lord is Jupiter and 10th house, the house of profession, Lord is Mercury, significator of Intelligence)
  5. Native is blessed with 2 Sons (5th house Lord Mars get the aspect of Jupiter, significator of Children)

  1. Native is healthy and wealthy. No debt. (Trine Lords Mars and Sun are posited in 6th house, the significator of Debt & Disease and also gets the aspect of Jupiter, the significator of wealth)
  2. Native is well placed in his career. He is working in a Multinational company at a very Senior level, at the age of 38. (Saturn has become benefic as it is in conjunct with Jupiter and it is posited in 10th house, the house of profession. Saturn also aspects10th house Lord Mercury. Jupiter, in conjunct with Wealth house Lord Saturn, aspects the Wealth house)
  3. Native lost his elder sister in 2015 (Ashtamathipathi Moon is posited in 11th house, the significator of Elder siblings. Venus, which represents the Elder sister, is Marakathipathi. Saturn aspects Venus. Saturn Dasha and Venus Bhukthi was ruling from 9th Dec'12 to 9th Feb'16 )
  4. Native lost his father in 2018. His father was aged 64. (Mars aspect 9th house. Saturn Dasha and Mars Bhukthi was ruling from 21st Aug'18 to 30th Sep'19. Jupiter aspects Sun, the significator of Father. The fact his father lived up to 64 years)

Note : The death of his Sister and Father is just an indication in his horoscope. It does not mean that they died because of Native's planetary positions. A person's lifespan is based only on that person's karma, which can be seen in their horoscope.