Stars and Dosha

All the 27 Stars have been cursed by one or other Planet, except by Ketu because Ketu signifies Moksha (Salvation).

In a horoscope, if Moon or Ascendant or Ascendant Lord is posited on a Star which is cursed by a Planet, then the significance of that planet be will pronounced negatively upon that person.

For instance, If a Person's birth star (Moon) or Ascendant or Ascendant Lord is placed on Anuradha (Anusham), then the significances of Sun will be pronounced negatively because the Star Anuradha is cursed by Sun. Such person will have strained relation with Father.

The curse of Stars is also referred as Dosha of Stars. For instance, Ashwini, Ashlesha, Anuradha and Purva Bhadrapada are Stars which have Sun's Dosha.

So, while analyzing a horoscope, the "Curse" or "Dosha" factor of Stars must be accounted before forecasting. Otherwise, the predictions may go south.

The table below shows the Planets and the Stars cursed by them.

Now, let us look at the result that will be pronounced by each planet when a Star has its Dosha or curse.

In a horoscope, when a Star has Dosha of

Sun : The person will not have good relation with father, will not get support from father, father will be of no use, will stay away from father. Sun also signifies Father-in-law. So, similar relationship between the Person and Father-in-law may exists.

Sun signifies Government and Authority. Hence, there will problem in getting Government Job or problem with Supervisor. When Sun is posited in Aries it gets exalted. Yet the person may not get Govt. job if Ashwini is either Birth star or Ascendant or Ascendant Lord Star.

Moon : The person will be completely dependant on Mother or some one else and may not be to take decision on own. They will be driven by their mother. In other words, Mother will be dominating over such person.

Mars : The person will experience problems in acquiring, disposing properties, will have strained relationship with younger siblings and will be timid / coward

Mercury : The person will experience problems in communication, misunderstanding in communication, problems with documentation work, level of intelligence, weak in mathematics and strained relationship with maternal uncle

Jupiter : The person will have strained relationship with Son, no support from Son, will be working in a field which is irrelevant to their education, problems judicial and religious matters.

Person with Hasta (Hastham) star will be separated or stay away from Mother as Hasta signifies Mother.

Interestingly, Uttara Ashada (Uttiradam) Star, whose Starlord is Sun, is cursed by Jupiter (Putrakarak). Hence, Sun has a strained relation with his son Saturn.

Venus : The person will have strained relationship with Spouse and Luxury matters.

Saturn : The person will experience problems in Job and health. Normally, when Saturn is posited in 6th house, will be able to overcome the Enemies, Debt / Loan. But, with the Dosha of Saturn, a person will undergo problems with Enemies, Debt and Loan.

Rahu : The person will experience problems with the significances of the house where Rahu is posited. For instance, Rahu is posited in 11th house may cause problem with the foreign connection in job or business or with speculation.

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